Ferrell's Air Conditioning & Heating opened in Kentucky in January 1980 in the East end of Shelby County, Kentucky. Kenneth E. Ferrell moved from Shelby County, Tennessee to Shelby County, Kentucky with his wife, Martha Jensen Ferrell, and their daughter, Magen Ferrell. They had two other daughters after moving to Kentucky, Kerri and Lindsey, who have all graduated from EKU.

Kenneth was with his father and brothers at Herb Ferrell & Sons in Memphis Tenn. Kenneth's wife, Martha Jensen, is from Shelby County, Kentucky. She and Kenneth met while on Spring Break in Daytona Beach, Florida. They now reside at Peytona Beach in Shelby County, KY. After purchasing the Former Henry Clay School building in Clayvillage, KY, Kenneth renovated the old school and turned it into an office building which houses the business office, along with several other businesses. The office still has an original chalk board that was used when the school was being used as a Grade School.